Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Top 5 Top Tips

Experiment / Experiment -
Now is the time that you quit your habit of having sex in robot style. Say goodbye to the missionary position, which both of you a long time to one another - like pretending to have been happy. Get out of bed and do some new experiment. Try something new posture and try to go to new places for sex.

Touching him every day -
Physical proximity does not mean that you have sex every day, but the parts of your female partner enjoys her special touch on where you touch. Her delicate organs, kiss, love, brought him realize that you want to be near him.

Passion and enthusiasm -
When it comes time to decide what course of sex - things give us pleasure, many of us are just the thing to stereotypes. Once you try to see what turns you during sex. During intercourse the more you will be able to enjoy.

Sexy Toys ...
If you have not used these naughty sexy Toys Your Sex Life in the New Year on a course to buy booster. Just for fun.

Sex Talk -
Men rarely talk about sex with a partner. They just begin immediately. Discuss what you like him, do not you? The both of you - will know each other's particular desires.

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