Friday, March 15, 2013

The KISS too much magic. This relationship can either strengthen or even worse. Yes, Young Generation has become a way of knowing the long-term relationship 'KISS'.

A very Zorro - Soron likes kissing with so many it gradually works. And every kind of kiss is definitely some hints. Ie kissing style is hidden in the story.

Peck on the cheek
If a girl or a boy kiss on the cheek, then it means that this is their first date. And the definition of love gradually wants to remember.

Lips lips felt
Debt at the end of the kiss on the cheek instead of the lips to lips, it means that you or
They liked each other and both hope to see you next time. It is a green signal.

Open Mouth 'what' 
How do you like your partner to give freedom to come into your private space. That's the kiss 
But it just will not touch the lips lips and tongue feel spit it right back to each other. 

Public KISS
If you kiss your partner in front of the world, this means that life with you
Wants to live and to love you. So she did not care for anyone other than you.

Kiss on hand

It also could mean that his thinking is old fashioned or even that he will soon ask for your hand in marriage.

Kisses on the 'no' Control

Kiss on forehead
This means that you feel comfortable each other's company.

Platonic kiss
This is when you realize that she would not kiss. They are a very loving, but you can do something does not.

Sex-only Kiss
Kiss are just the two of you during sex, you should take it seriously. And using a few tips, even without sex to get used to Kiss
Relationship break at that time was so full of life and Confident that you are going to do, is absolutely right. But after a few months now, why do you regret? You again and again are thinking about them, why? Why do you feel that you've made ​​a mistake. Silence Dobaro contact you want them in your mind again and again that you lost something that is coming. But now Pctaa what happens when the bird was pecking farm.

Today you can not step back into the past, but it can take to learn from his previous mistakes.

First learn -

Your partner tells you that he can not see you this Saturday. But just a few days ago, he had promised to meet you. You do not let this thing fly! Maybe this is his way of saying no. Well, it does not mean that you should be sparked. As you remain calm, as you will find more outspoken. If he does not want to extend this relationship further, then let them go. Your well-being is the same. After a while you feel like you are not the one - you were not meant to be hurried.
In addition, they can also be literally no work. So good that you both already used to clean and put things openly.

Another learning -

His gesture but please do not mistake any attention. So much so that you again and again to say that they are ready for marriage.
But the party they get nervous when you hear the word marriage. Even as he spoke of marriage to your mother and father are on the run. Please understand that the only black lentils. Talk to them about it openly and in a position to reach or break. It would be more delays, your problem will grow more.

Third learning -

Healthy sex instead if you uninstall both - Healthy sex is too much, then consider that you are now looking for a new partner. That means that you both thought sex after all the fighting, fighting and tension both of you will forget. But in both sex with anger so that your tension persists.
So while you both sex with each other - are unhappy, then consider that this is the alarm bells.

Fourth learning -

Do you think they do not work. Office, come home, have dinner and go to sleep. If you handle the kids home from work. Even these Tenshns because you can not have sex. But a minute. Think carefully what are all the same mistakes. About this with him face to face sit and talk. Decision was taken in a hurry to get somewhere, not expensive and you Pctaan later.

Fifth learning -

You both have the same profession. You have the choice of either one. But one morning he brings you the paratha and tea making. You picked up the phone and my friends have their praises. But since no one knows you made ​​of his hands, but was throwing tea burnt paratha and bleak.

Impression is the Last Impression

Tips so that you can avoid any mistakes on your first date and you managed to become your partner Impras.

1.) Step into the arena of love with all the preparations!
On your first date, you do not want any kind of panic and do not want to be Nrvs, Step into the arena of love with all the preparations. Because love is not easy, it is a river of fire and the cross
Go by. Social networking site, you can get enough information about them. It's a little too sure you know what they like and feel comfortable with them on their first date....

2.) Modern Generation hygiene also sees in love!

This means that your first date for both clean - clean as a return. Lady of the punt nail nails were beautiful, the hair all scattered and not just a set, were decent games. Both take care not to be implicated in the teeth after eating food. You get both when you feel that there are two sensible people. And since that day you will create in your mind the image of a second. Be careful on the first date.

3.) A second course true appreciation

By doing this you will know that you both like to do both. Will also increase confidence in the front and you will be easy to talk to each other. Sociaga not always the same in men and also initiatives. You can also do. Because you like them panic. So if they do not move, you go ahead. It would feel too comfortable.

4.) To surprise them!

You are a woman, just because it does not keep her hopes. If you do not like at all Sociaga a large car that you come and open the car door. It is not necessary to eat on your first date - if he was drinking the entire bill. You both bills fifty fifty can share. And if the mind can entice them with a nice surprise. Speak with the beat of the next time they give the bill and the cost of today are the picks.

5.) Reminds me that you are interested in pursuing this relationship with them!

If she likes you, you can ask him questions. But give them a chance to ask questions. The conversation often not their praise. Otherwise they will think you are Mittu Mian. And if you are fond of eating and drinking, then do not be afraid that your first date, you should just see the account. Impras them to control themselves on your behalf.

Ness relationships with strangers coming women

Go to the youth club or bar has become a fashion. Plastered drunk, and you are here with the partners Mjkr romance and Enjoy.

But these places and facilities are not readily available and that the partner or stress to Enjoy with the Stranger....

Yes, according to a report in the Daily Mail published a fact of life for today's young women is very intriguing. Now, exactly how his life experiences, such as New York's famous play 'Girls' characters.

Moreover, the most shocking news is the fact that a large number of women strangers / Stranger has confessed to sexual relations.