Monday, March 11, 2013

4 Things Women Should Always Put in Their Dating Profiles

Let's be honest - women don't need to do a whole lot on dating sites to generate plenty of attention from male suitors.
If you're a woman and you want to receive a regular stream of messages from men looking to get to know you better, all you need to do is put up a remotely flattering profile picture and fill out your profile in the most slap-dash and sparse manner possible.
As a woman, you don't really need to try if you want to meet men online.
Unfortunately, the types of men you'll meet online with a substandard profile probably aren't the sort of men you have any real interest in.
The goal isn't to simply meet men online. The goal is to meet great men online, and that takes a little work - like making sure you include the following items in your online profile.
1. Variety in your pictures.
When I say "variety," I don't mean 12 slightly different pictures you took one after another while sitting in front of your Mac in your bedroom.
You need to include different photos that showcase a different aspect of your personality and which demonstrate another positive value you bring to the men you date.
Before you add a photo to your profile, ask yourself what it says about you and whether another picture you've already posted conveys the same facet of your life.
A high-quality man wants to know you have a rich and full life, and pictures offer a great "show, don't tell" moment to prove just that.
2. Pictures showcasing what you really look like.
All photos in your profile need to be as recent as possible.
Also, make sure you include at least one photo that showcases what your face looks like up close and personal and at least one photo that clearly shows your WHOLE body.
You don't need to include a photo of you in a bikini or anything like that, but you do need to include a photo where you're dressed in clothes cut close enough to show what sort of body you really have, just as one face shot needs to demonstrate what you pretty much look like in person when you aren't making "duck face" or some other seductive look.
High-quality men are aware of the tricks many women play online to seem more attractive than they might be, and those men aren't going to give the time of day to a woman who engages in these dishonest practices.
3. Describe your passions.
If you're looking to find a high-quality man, then you need to care deeply about at least a couple of aspects of your life.
Talk about these passions in your profile. No high-quality man wants to date a woman who doesn't care about anything, no matter how "hot" she might be, and your profile offers a great opportunity to show you have a beating heart beneath your pretty face.
And remember, when demonstrating your passions in your profile, you need to write about what you care about in a passionate manner.
It isn't enough to simply say, "I like to help dogs at a local rescue shelter." You need to talk about why you love to volunteer your time in this manner, what brought you there and how it makes you feel.
A high-quality man wants a woman who cares deeply and isn't afraid of bearing at least a couple corners of her heart online.
4. Explain what you're looking for.
The number one way to find the man you're looking for is to describe what you're looking for in your profile.
The number one way to find men online is to explain what sort of relationship you're looking for.
Yes, you will alienate some men by being so specific, but the men you turn away with your honesty probably aren't the men you're actually looking for in the first place.
Those men who read through your explanation and want to meet with you are probably going to offer the traits and qualities you find attractive because they're also likely looking for the same sort of arrangement you desire.
Truly high-quality men know what they have to offer and what sort of relationship they're looking for too, after all.
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